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Rooam’s mobile payment platform integrates into your POS system without the need for any additional hardware and will:

Check Size

Average of 23% higher check size compared to traditional methods of payment.


Rooam transactions are 100% PCI compliant and EMV level protected.

100% Walkout

Every user is required to enter a payment method ahead of opening a tab with Rooam. This, along with payment validation and automatic pre-authorizations assure sure you always get paid.

Reduce Lines and Crowds
at the Bar

Eliminating the time wasted on credit card or cash transactions will instantly reduce lines and crowds at the bar and create more sales.

Decrease Credit Card
Swipe Fees

Digital payments enable guests easily keep a single tab open without the hassle and liability of cash or credit cards, even at the largest events. This drives new revenue by increasing repeat bar visits, therefore reducing the cost of credit card swipe fees.

Direct POS

Rooam integrates directly into existing POS systems. No added fees for additional hardware or complicated ordering structures occur.

930 Club
U Street Music Hall
Sound Nightclub
The Argyle Hollywood
Lincoln Theatre
Upstairs at Ace Hotel
Key Club
1933 Group
ThinkFood Group